A Letter from your Vicar



My dear Friends,


‘All good things come to an end’ we are told when we are young and at first sight that sounds like a very negative commentary on life. Equally true surely would have to be ‘all bad things come to an end’. Anyhow as far as Felicity and I are concerned, these years since we moved here in September 2015 have been very good years and we want to thank you all for the loving support so many of you have given us.


Actually, good things often lead to other good things and as we start off in our new life, we are both looking forward to many unexpected blessings. I have some ideas about what retirement will mean.... certainly a change after over 46 years as a Parish Priest....and before that growing up in a Vicarage! It is all an adventure into the unknown. The one thing we can know for certain is that God will still be the God who cares for us and whom we can trust.


As we leave, you will all also begin a trip into the unknown. It looks fairly certain that the plan to form a United Benefice of our two parishes with that of Wool will happen and a date is pencilled in for a special service, led by Bishop Karen, at Holy Rood Church in Wool on March 13th at 7pm. It will be lovely if all three Church Families are well represented at that occasion. Then the process will also begin for finding a new Priest to come and live in Bere Regis, as part of the Team for the new Benefice but, no doubt, with, largely, pastoral concern for Bere Regis and Affpuddle.


Meanwhile, the Vicar of Wool, Revd Carol Langford will be taking the lead in caring for you all.

If you need a Priest to conduct Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals or for any priestly advice,

please contact her on 01929-462215 or HolyRoodVicar@outlook.com


She will also be responsible for providing Clergy and Licensed Lay Ministers to lead the usual Sunday services. There will be just a few differences from our regular pattern, so please be advised through the Magazine and on notice-boards. The good thing is that she also has the support of two other part-time Associate Priests as well as Lay Ministers.


The Churchwardens also carry legal responsibilities though the time of ‘Vacancy’ and I know they are very willing to help but please do not overtax them!!


For those of you, who sometimes give me notices for the board at the end of the Church Lane, please contact Patrick and Sue Hazlerigg.


Finally, when my successor arrives , please make him/her as welcome as you have made us. When, years ago, I was about to start a new time as Vicar in Essex, an old priest who had been looking after the churches, gave my congregations some very sound advice: ‘when Charles comes, there are two words which you must not use – always and never. I ask you to do that for my successor, so that you can be open to wherever under his/her guidance you are led by God. Indeed I would say the same as soon as I go and Carol takes over the role of leadership.


Our contact details will be:

Address: 6 Higher Green, South Brent, Devon TQ10 9PL and 01364-73957 or chasmash@ic24.net

We will be very happy to see any of our Dorset friends!


God bless you all with his powerful love,

Your sincere and loving Priest and Friend