A Letter from your Associate Priest

Are you running on empty?
After the excitement of Christmas and New Year it sometimes seems that January and February are endless months, especially if the weather is bad.  Once we’re fed up with the resolutions we might have made, or the new exercise regime is losing it’s appeal we long for something else to perk us up.
Well here’s a story for you - It’s like the car that seems to be running perfectly well, no problems with the electrics or the engine, but it suddenly stops and there is no way it’s going anywhere until there’s more fuel in the tank.
Of course, it always happens miles from anywhere, and this driver is faced with a very long walk because it’s so quiet and there’s no hope of anybody coming by.  But, as luck would have it, a farmer came up the lane on his tractor and offered his help.  The driver explained that the car had run out petrol and if the farmer could get him near a garage that would be great.  The farmer knew that he had a full can of petrol back at the farm and said he would go back to the farm and get it.  When he returned he poured the petrol into the tank.  The driver offered the farmer some money, but the farmer said it was a gift, adding wisely that none of us can run on an empty tank.
Our life can be like that car, no matter how hard we try, if we’re feeling drained and empty, we won’t get anything done.  Now and then we all need to recharge our batteries.
There are some words in the Bible that might help at times like that.
From the Old Testament: ‘Those who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength.’ (Isaiah 40:31) and from the New Testament these words of Jesus: ‘Come to me, all you who are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.’ (Matthew 11:28) 
With blessings