Junior Church

We know just how important it is to engage the young people of the parish in our church life.  Junior Church  has over 25 members of all ages and meets in the Church for an activity session with a Bible theme on the Second Sunday of the month at 10am.  This is followed by a simple Family Service at 11am - all are welcome... it is great fun and lovely for the children to show off what they have been doing!

Activities include:

  • Puppets
  • Drama
  • Music and Dancing
  • Craft and cookery


Junior Church News October


The Family Service on October 8th was a very happy one as it combined a Harvest Thanksgiving service with a Baptism. This meant that there was a good church-full including family and friends of Isla Grace Ventham.

After the usual welcome and notices, one of the senior puppeteers led us in You raise me up. It helped us realise that when we are going through a bad patch we will find in God someone who can raise our spirits and who longs to do so. Why not call on him when your troubles and weariness come on? We then sang the well-loved hymn Love divine.

The story was the Feeding of the 5,000 when one boy’s meal was, with the miracle that Jesus performed, enough for all the people in the crowd. If only each one of could contribute as that boy did, what a different world it would be, working with Jesus. Reverend Charles, bringing a packet of seeds and a bulb, then spoke of the need to plant; it is no good just wanting to reap. It was the same with a Baptism; here was a little baby and if we plant good things in her life, we can hope that she will grow up to be a person who brings love and peace into the lives of others. He likened the rain to the water of Baptism and the sun to the power of God’s love.


Then the service continued with the Christening. The whole congregation was asked to welcome Isla and then the parents, Lorna and David, and godparents were asked to signal their desire to bring her up as a Christian. At the font, the water was blessed and the congregation were asked to affirm their faith. Then came the big moment when Charles took Isla in his arms and baptised her. After signing her with the sign of the cross, he gave her a lighted candle – and big sister Louisa had hers lit too! Finally came the welcome into God’s Church Family – over two billion throughout the world but also a welcome into the local Church Family, where she has already been brought to services


After a wonderful Harvest Samba performed with maracas, we sat quietly for the short time of prayer.

The final hymn was for Harvest We plough the fields. The whole group of Puppeteers joined to give us a great rendition of Hey People!


Our visitors seemed delighted with the happy atmosphere of the occasion – and remember that how we usually are. Next month there is no Family Service as we have our Remembrance observance but we shall be back in December – in the School hall, of course! Our thanks as always to all who took part!


There will be no Junior Church and Family Service in November because it is Remembrance Sunday.

December is our special 'Christmas Cake Service on Sunday 10th December at 11am, at the school hall.