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Our Epiphany Service at 10am on Saturday 6th January at Affpuddle Church was dedicated to the life, love and ministry of Bob Naylor, who died last month.  




At Poole Crematorium

On 21st December – Betty Moss

At West Lulworth

On 15th December – Revd Bob Naylor




I cannot imagine that there is anyone in the locality who has not noticed the scaffolding around our Church. The work is, I believe, going well and the old lead stripped off. Repairs are happening and we look forward to the re-leading happening in the New Year.

Meanwhile, I do want to thank all who have been involved in either getting the church ready for the various stages of work or bringing it back into use, looking as good as possible, both for Remembrance and Christmas.

It is also a moment to publicly thank the School for allowing us to use their wonderful hall for our other Sunday services; we are very grateful for their welcome and help in this way.







While the church is out of use, the box for any of your donations is in the porch of the Vicarage and it will be super if you can still provide the necessary things as you have been doing. During the winter months and at Christmas, it is as much needed as ever. I would remind you:


This provides a simple way of helping people who have fallen on hard times.

I would ask: Please ensure that your gifts are at least 6 months in date.

You do not have to be a church member to contribute!

The boxes are emptied regularly

and the contents given to the Wareham Food Bank.

The list of what is most appropriate is:

Tinned Soup Fruit Juice(carton) Pasta Sauces Baked Beans Rice/Sponge Pudding (Tinned)

Tomatoes (Tinned) Pasta/Rice (1kg) Tinned Vegetables Tea Bags/Coffee Instant Mash Potato

Tinned Meat/Fish Tinned Fruit Sugar (500g) Biscuits or snack bars


The FOOD BANK provides for local individuals and families in crisis -

Thank you for your support!





Mission Apostle - Bere Regis Church Roof Project




On October 16th, a good group of people arrived at the church to ‘close it up’ so that the work on the roof could commence; thank you if that included you...and there will be need of your help in the future! The contractors and scaffolders arrived that morning too and the erection of the scaffolding began; this is what we had been working towards.

We held our Remembrance service on November 12th in the church and then the work continued. We will be back in our church too for the three services around Christmas; 10am on Christmas Eve, the great Christingle service at 6pm and 9:30 on Christmas morning.

We shall need lots of help on Saturday December 23rd to clean up and make the church ready for those services...9:30 am please any who feel they can come along a help...even for a little while. Many hands make light work!! We will also need help during the twelve days of Christmas to return it to a building site.




Repairing the ravages of time

It was built by the Normans, embellished in the Middle Ages, survived Henry VIII, the Roundheads and two world wars.
But age, weather and thinning lead is catching up fast.
The most recent survey of our Parish Church has shown that the lead roof over the nave of the church is coming to the end of its useful life. It has served us well over 100 years or more, but, despite assiduous care and repairs over the years, lead wears out and it is now no longer even able to be patched. It needs to be replaced.
It is, of course, not just a matter of replacing the roof. Much more importantly, it is about preserving our magnificent medieval carved roof, and indeed, ensuring our lovely church continues to be available and accessible to all; accessible not just for regular worship, and for all those important rites of passage, such as christenings, weddings and funerals but also for celebrating and commemorating the great national occasions.
It is estimated that repairing the roof, thus safeguarding our church, will cost in the region of £200,000.
We may be able to reduce that sum by obtaining a VAT refund, but we will still need to find a considerable amount. There is little or no money available from Church of England sources, so it is down to us and to fundraising.
We have a fundraising plan, which is already demonstrating some significant successes. We are undertaking 3 strands of activity:
Strand 1 is to apply for funding from grant making trusts and foundations. We have already received £10,000 from a trust fund and we have an application going in to Viridor Credits Environmental Company shortly. We anticipate the majority of our funding will come from trusts.
Strand 2 is to seek donations from Bere Regis residents. In due course we hope to contact every adult in every household in the Parish. In the meantime we are delighted to say that some early personal approaches have already resulted in £12,500 in gifts and a very generous legacy.

Strand 3 is to arrange through the summer a variety of fundraising events and activities which we hope will be generously supported.

It is very important when applying to trust funds to demonstrate that there is considerable local support for the project. It is therefore hugely encouraging that we can say that we already have some £72,000 given or pledged towards our target. We will still need every bit of generous help and commitment we can call on to raise the balance of £128,000 to safeguard the future of our beautiful parish church.
If you would like to help, or make a donation, please contact Charles Masheder, our vicar, Richard Smith, the Treasurer or Ian Ventham or Judy Newton.
Charles Masheder